Moneragala 1


I am from Welimada. I got married in 1980. My husband was from Okkampitiya. Later we came to Niyadella. We were farmers.

My mother is from Gampaha. I can’t remember where my father was from. They married me off when I was 30.

I gave birth to my elder daughter in 1981. The next child was born in 1983. Then I got another two children in 1986 and 1987.


Now my son is 26 years old. He joined the Army in 2005. For a long time he served in Killinochchi. I was so worried about him those days. Now he works in the office in Panagoda camp.

I gave a good education to my daughter amidst difficulties. She studied well.  She was just thee marks short of being selected to university.  She has no job. She is in Buttala.

She came 25th at the District GramaSevaka exam. But didn’t get an appointment.

My health condition is not bad. I don’t fall sick. My husband has high pressure. He is nearly 70 now.  We will fall sick when we grow older.

Living in this area is very difficult compared to our home town. But what else are we to do, other than cultivating these lands? We cultivate paddy.

There is a forest surrounding the village. We have to walk a long distance to get to the bus stand.

I feel that the people in the North are also suffering in the same manner like us. All mothers live in pain.


When we were living in Niyadella, one day in 1991, I was in the paddy field with my two children. My son was two and daughter was 4. My daughter said she was thirsty and I came home to get her some water. Then I heard a noise and when I peepedout of the house, I saw two red eyes, which looked like balls of fire.

Such an incident had never happened before.

We had never been harassed. A relative of mine who was working on a mine nearby was staying at my place.

I asked them who they were. They said they were from the Army. But by the way they pronounced the Sinhala words I knew they were Tigers.

One of them was standing at the doorway. Carrying my son, I stayed dead still. My uncle, who was in the house at that time, hid my daughter in a barrel. Then my uncle came running towards them, carrying an iron bar. But he was nearly 65 then. He was beaten by the man who was at the doorway. That man snatched the iron bar from him and hit him with it. When my uncle screamed, the daughter who had been hidden came out. Those beasts hit my daughter with a big knife. Without making the slightest sound, she fell to the ground.

Then the man who was in front of me grabbed my son by his hair. I held him tightly, and clung onto the tiger’s

neck. At that moment he hit my son’s neck with the knife. My son just collapsed to my shoulder like he fell asleep. Then he hackedinto my head with the knife three times.

Leaving us lying on the ground, they went away. I heard gun shots very close by. My husband had heard the gun shots and rushed home leaving the other son in the field. He finds it difficult to see blood. I said ‘we are finished, please take care of the remaining two children’. He ran out looking for a vehicle to take us to the hospital. The Tigers had chased him too. Then he had hidden himself in a mine.

I was lying with the dead bodies till morning. Police came and took us to the hospital. I was in the hospital for nearly 8 months.

We were given Rs. 15000 as compensation for each dead child. I received Rs. 8500 for my injuries. But I didn’t get any help from anyone. I went to work in a garment factory after that.

I was sotraumatised that I was not in normal mental condition for years.


My son looks like an actor. He lives happily. When I see him I am also happy. I wish the best for my children.

I request the government to give a job to my daughter.My daughter is married and lives happily. But she is worried that she has no job.


It is a great thing that the war ended.

Despite being hacked by the tigers, I lived my life with so muchcourage. I value that courage.

The little son of my daughter looks very cute. I feel happy when I see him.

Despite the tragic experiences we had, we somehow gave a good education to my daughter. I am happy about that.