Trees of Life Kurunegala District

Trees of Life Kurunegala 2


I am from Colombo. My brothers still live in Colombo.

Husband is from Gampola. When he was in the Army, we met in Colombo and later got married in 1995 with the blessings of parents.

Husband had got disabled in a mine bomb explosion in Jaffna in 1991. He was disabled when I met him.

For two or three years after the marriage, we only met on the weekends. I was not worried much as he was not in the front.

I am a mother of three children. My daughter is 18 years old now. She has a job. My two sons are still going to school. They are good at studies.


We don’t have financial problems at home. We live without being indebted to anyone. Our economic situation improved after my husband’s return from Haiti where he was a UN peacekeeper.

My husband still works in the camp. He comes home every evening. Since my husband is not at home all the time, it is me who participates in community work in the village.

I run a small grocery. I started this business, after taking a bank loan.


It is so difficult to live in the village. There are a lot of retired disabled army soldiers in the neighborhood. They can’t work because they are disabled.  They get together, drink and get boisterous.

Most people use influence and create difficulty for others. Everyone should be the same but that is not how it happens in practice.

These issues persist, because this is an artificially created village. People who come from various places live in this village. Even after 15 years, this has not yet become a collective community.

Females face special problems. People always make up stories. People try to spoil the unity between husband and wife by telling false stories about his wife to husband.


My hope is to educate three children and make their lives successful.

My children are very good. They are disciplined.


My husband is the most important person in my life. He is very good. He trusts me. Therefore I can participate in anything confidently. He is strength to me.

I have a few good neighbours who look after us in times of need.


It is good that there is peace. There was one organization that conducted a programme in the North and South. Tamil people from the North came and spent three days here and later we also visited their homes. Our children were given scholarships. But, when the second phase of the programme was about to begin, a few people here harassed them and chased them away from the village. The programme was very good. It is a pity that it had to be stopped.

I appreciate my own courage. So, I am strength to myself. I am not scared of anybody. I have courage. I will not give up. If somebody hits me, I hit back.

We have a loan to settle. But I am not worried. I live like a man.

The Government has given us many things: a house, the opportunity to my husband to go abroad. We are thankful to them.