Photo-essays Kurunegala District

They are Truly Good People

Brief: A 36-year-old mother and wife of a disabled solider. She lives in Ranavirugama with her family.

  • 1
    Ours was a love marriage. It was when we were expecting our first child that he became disabled. The war was on and it was a difficult time for me. I was afraid that my husband would be hurt. We got this house and came to live here. Life here is good. We live freely. My husband has left the army. He drives a three-wheeler now.
  • 2
    My husband’s brother is missing in action. They were in the army together. They shared a bunk bed. He disappeared in Pooneryn. My husband thinks his truck was bombedWe continue to pray for him at various temples and devales. Everyone says he will come back and so we wait.
  • 3
    We visited some Tamil families recently. We went to Vattakachchi and about 17 families came here to visit us. We ate each other’s food. Even the way the vegetables are cooked is different. They use a lot of cumin and coriander. And they made us kevun with palmyrah flour and they made us thosai too. They drink a lot of fresh milk unlike us who drink a lot of powdered milk.
  • 4
    I have two sons and a daughter. Our priority is to educate our children and make them good citizens. Our children have no anger against the Tamil people. I took them to Vattakachchi. They were a little nervous at first but then they were fine. They played together with the other kids.
  • 5
    I got a sewing machine through the Government. Different people got different equipment based on what they did or wanted to do. I sew rugs and make clothes. I get a profit of about 5000 Rupees a month. We go to the pola to sell our products.
  • 6
    I know the war is over for now, but I feel there may be another war again. I am afraid that LTTE will regroup again to fight. But people here don’t believe Tamil people are bad. We shared our thoughts and feelings. They even cried when we left. We grew close to each other. They also felt that we should live together as brothers and sisters. They are truly good people. That’s what I think