Mullaitivu Letter 58

Though I was born in Vavuniya, I live in Kokkuthoduwai. My husband is from Kokkuthoduwai. We have six children. We were displaced in 1984. As a result we live in great misery having to face many difficulties.

Since 1984, we have lived in Alampil, Thanneeroottu, Koolamurippu, Puthukudiyiruppu, Maththalan, Pokkanai and Wattuwal. In 2007 the Liberation Tigers conscripted many A/L girl students, took them to Chengcholai¬† and gave them training there. My daughter was also taken by them. The Kiffir air-craft carried out aerial bombardments and my daughter escaped with injuries. As she resumed her studies the war raged on an intensified scale. She joined us in Maththalan. We kept her in hiding. Still for all, a bullet entered her head and she died instantly. In Wattuwal when we took cover in a bunker a shell landed on the bunker. My eldest son, my youngest son and I were injured. On 15.05.2009 my 14 year old fourth son died in an artillery shell attack. Thus many people in my family lost their lives on account of the war. Everyday their thought makes me cry bitterly. I have also contracted cancer. Within the space of five days I lost two of my children. We came to the welfare camp on 19.05.2009. Here also we didn’t get proper food, water or sanitation facilities. My eldest son was injured in a shell attack in Wattuwal. He was admitted to a hospital and treated. A shell fragment has not yet been removed from his chest. As a result he cannot do any heavy work. I was admitted to Maharagama hospital and received treatment. Now I attend a clinic once in 3 months and get my drugs. Thus my life is full of tragedies and problems. Though now we have returned to our ownplace we don’t have even a temporary house and we have no employment. We are in great difficulties.