Mullaitivu Letter 60

Dear Son,


We are well. I pray to God for your health. We were displaced in 1984 from our own village. We went to Wattappalai and Alampil. Then in 1990 we returned to our own area. in 1991 we were again displaced and we were in Mullaitivu. During the Mullaitivu riots in 2006 we went to Navalkadu in Mulliayawalai. In 2008 we went to Wattappalai, Puthukkudiyiruppu, Thevipuram, Pokkanai, Maththalan, Mulliwaikkal and Wattuwal. My son was injured in a bombing incident by the army on 15-05-2009. We kept him in the bunker without any treatment¬† and food for 2 days. On the 17th we went to the army and surrendered as civilians. Then he was treated for his injury. Then we were in a transit camp. We were resettled in May 2012 in Alampil. We didn’t have any assistance. Then in February 2012 we were sent to our own village. There also we do not have a house or a well. There is no toilet facility. The Sinhalese come and take our cattle saying that those belong to them. Therefore try to provide whatever ¬†possible assistance to us.