Mullaitivu Letter 52



We experienced many problems in Kokkuthoduwai and we were displaced. After that many of our people lost their lives on account of the war. We were displaced in the year 1983. We went to Mulliyawalai. In 1990 we returned to our village. We were there only for four months. Again we were displaced and we went back to Mulliyawalai. We had to face artillery shell attacks, aerial bombing and naval attacks. When war intensified I lost my husband and my son in 2008. We didn’t have any food or medical help or transport facilities. We didn’t get any assistance from anyone. Later on we went to Menik Farm Camp in Vavuniya through Puthukudiyiruppu, Maththalan, Pokkanai, Valaignarmadam, Mulliwaikkal and Wattuwal. We faced many problems in this camp. In January 2012 they allowed us to return to  Kokkuthoduwai. Now we are living in our village.