Mullaitivu Letter 1

We were displaced in 1984 and were living in Chilawaththai. We had 5 children. In 1987 the Indian Army shot my husband and he died. I was living with great difficulties. My children could not study. I couldn’t provide them food, clothes or shelter. We were displaced again an again. We were in a bunker in Pokkanai, Mulliwaikkal. There was intense shelling and my eldest daughter died in a shell attack. One of grand children also died. Another daughter sustained severe injury on her head. I also sustained a severe head injury. My son took me by ship to Vavuniya hospital. One of my daughters-in-law als o died in a shell attack. My grand children suffered in a camp. I was in the hospital and I was distressed as I did not know where my children were. My children would be suffering as orphans. I was in  the hospital for one year. They said I was cured and asked me to go to my children. Those in the Kachcheri helped me to go to my children. I arrived there with a heavy heart. Our problems continue. On account of my head injury my right eye has deteriorated. Again I have become sick. On 10.02.2012 they brought us again to Kokkuthoduwai where we live without any basic facilities.